the mattress topper

A luxurious foam topper for those of you who aren't quite ready to replace your existing mattress. 5cm of breathable next generation foam give you extra comfort and support to greatly improve your quality of sleep. All made in the UK.


Why eve

  • We know our stuff when it comes to sleep. This is why we created the world’s best topper. One that’s affordable and simple to buy. No far-away shops, no pushy sales assistants. Just one affordable, premium topper delivered to your doorstep.

Free delivery, returns & home trial

  • Delivery - we deliver the topper straight to your doorstep, for free. Our standard delivery time in the Republic of Ireland is 3-5 working days.
  • Home Trial - we’ll give you 30 nights to decide whether it’s a keeper. If you’re not 100% happy, we’ll pick it up from your home for free and fully refund you. We do advise that you let it expand for a few hours and take advantage of our trial period before you make up your mind.
  • €75 off the eve mattress - Once you experience the feeling of the eve topper, there’s a strong chance you’ll want more of that eve feeling. Let’s call it a ‘gateway’ topper. Should you want to upgrade to a full mattress, we’ll give you a €75 discount on any eve mattress.

Our guarantee

  • Every mattress topper comes with a comprehensive 3 year guarantee. If yours fails during the warranty period, we'll exchange it for a brand new one. No drama, no hassle. We'll take away the old one and deliver a new.

Select your Size

5cm changes everything

To make your mattress feel more like an eve, we’ve condensed the same eve technology into a 5cm foam topper. Using the middle and base layers of the original eve, wrapped in a plush, fabric cover.


Fabric cover & anti-slip underlay

Our topper comes with the eve knitted cover, woven from a soft, two-way stretch polyester. It’s hypoallergenic and super durable, so no sneezing and no fading lustre.

  • It's made with air pockets for circulation to regulate your temperature.
  • All materials are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. This means they've been tested to ensure that there are no harmful or unpleasant substances.
  • We've integrated an anti-slip layer at the very bottom. So even if you’re a fidgety sleeper, your topper will stay put, edge-to-edge with your mattress.

Breathable cooling layer

  • This 2cm layer gives luxurious softness and comfort. It's plush and cosy to lie on, and 30 times more breathable than regular memory foam. Plus it wicks away moisture, so you wake up feeling clean, not clammy

Supportive base layer

  • This is the one that looks after your health. It's made of 3cms of ultra-resilient base foam, which doesn't sound sexy, but it'll have your back – literally. It eases the weight on your joints and pressure points, eliminating that 'creaky' feeling you get when your mattress isn’t quite right. And thanks to the bounce, no matter how awkward your sleeping position, you'll feel it pushing back where you need the most support.


Country of origin

The topper was created by some of London's leading product designers and is manufactured in our factory in Great Britain.


Due to the cover's flexible, fine-mesh weave, it adjusts perfectly to the foam beneath. The fabric is breathable, which helps regulate body temperature and is also anti-allergenic.

Care and maintenance

We have designed the topper cover with a removable top panel that can be put in the washing machine. The remainder of the cover can only be spot cleaned. Pre-test any cleaning products in an inconspicuous area before using. Always follow the cleaning guidelines of the cleaning product. You won't need to turn your topper over. In fact, it only works properly one side up. We do suggest you rotate your eve topper 180 degrees length ways every 30 days for the first year to maintain proper shape and to extend its lifespan.

Foam layers

  • 2cm of cooling open-pore technology foam; 30 times more breathable than conventional foam.
  • 3cm of ultra-resilient reflex base foam.


For safe and healthy sleep, all of the foam materials we use are CertiPur ® certified. The cover is Oeko-Tex ® Class 1 certified.


Voir tailles disponibles dans le menu déroulant. Epaisseur totale: 5,5 cm. Boite de livraison : 36x36x106 cm.

your mattress' best friend

The eve topper gives your current mattress a luxurious boost, but it's not a miracle worker. If your old mattress is completely worn out, you need to replace it with a new one. But if you want to iron out a few niggles or just upgrade your sleep experience, our topper will do the trick.


Better for your joints

  • It's not just better for sleep, it's good for your body when you wake. It evens out the weight on your joints and pressure points as you snooze, so you wake up feeling more limber.


  • A brand new topper can give you real peace of mind if you're sleeping on a pre-used mattress. It's reassuring to know you're getting your own new layer of luxury, at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress.

Absorbs disturbances

  • Light sleepers and fidgeters, you'll appreciate this. Our topper reduces sensitivity to a partner's tosses and turns. So you can sleep soundly even while your partner moves around.


  • Goodbye, sneezy allergies. This topper is hypoallergenic, and it's been Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. Which means it's tested to ensure there are no harmful or unpleasant substances present.

the perfect start for everybody

We strongly believe that everybody, no matter their budget, deserves to wake up energised every morning. So we strived to make a high quality topper that's accessible and convenient for all – whether you're renting, owning, crashing, or just in need of a little extra luxury.

no strings, no complications

Not planning on staying in that house forever? The topper allows you to be agile without sacrificing comfort. You can roll it up and carry it under your arm on moving day. Clever.

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