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Eve mattress purchase and delivery

Superb customer service from start to finish. Polite, courteous and helpful. We were kept informed at all stages and the delivery itself was perfect.

Buying a second!

Was unsure about buying at first, but checked out the reviews and are not disappointed! So much so, my partner is now buying himself one. Would definitely recommend

Good speedy and helpful service.

Very comfortable

The Eve Original Mattress

'Does everything is says on the tin', or rather the box. Very easy ordering process, fast delivery, fantastic mattress. Really comfortable and a great price.


Since receiving the mattress simply didn't know how uncomfortable the one it replaced was. Thanks Eve for a good night's sleep!

Not a fan

I bought this mattress after seeing all the hype on the tubes. Unfortunately for me, it isn't great. I wake up every day with a sore back so will be sending it back.

Hello Roanna, Sorry to hear that it didn't work out, we understand that sleep is very personal and sometimes the eve mattress might not be quite right for everyone. This is what the 100 day trial is all about. Thanks for giving us a go and for passing on your feedback. We can see our customer service team are currently assisting you with your return. Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team

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I am delighted to sleep so much more comfortably therefore be be to relax

For a long time, I

For a long time, I was looking for a firm mattress that does not start sagging or getting soft patches within a few days. I’ve had the Hybrid for over a month, and very happy with it. The memory foam layer on top has just the right amount of ‘give’ and consistency for the underlying ... firmer layers not to feel too rigid - worked out quite well for my bad back.

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Back problem gone!

At first the mattress felt firmer than I would have liked, but after a day or two my body quickly adjusted. The alignment and support of the mattress and pillow is now giving me a sound nights sleep and my aching back has gone. bliss.

Best night's sleep in months

I had the same matress for 8 years and though it hard served me well, I could feel now feel every spring and had started to have an achey neck in the mornings. After a recomendaion from a friend I trialed the eve pillow and had such a great night's sleep that I invested in the ... eve matress topper soon afterwards. Ideally I would have replaced my old matress with the eve matress, but as funds were tight I went for the matress topper and have never looked back. I now have a great night's sleep and no achey neck. Would 100% recommend.

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I was sceptical buying a mattress I had not tried but I gave it a shot any way. I prefer my mattress firm so I thought this was a good option compared to other ‘mattresses in a box’. I have struggled with staying asleep for years but honestly with EVE I sleep soundly and better ... than I ever have before!

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get another delivery company to deliver. Had to pick up mine from the UPS depo which is 12 miles away.

Hi Minde, Our sincere apologies that this was your delivery experience. This is not the level of service that we'd expect our courier to provide to our customers at all. We are constantly looking to improve our services and your feedback will be taken on board. We do hope that despite the delivery issues, you're enjoying your eve mattress and that it is helping you to get a great night's sleep. Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team

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Game Changer

I moved into a furnished flat and the mattress was truly awful. I started waking up every morning in pain. The eve mattress topper was a complete game changer and now I sleep soundly and never have backpain!

Mattress, protector and duvet(s)

Like sleeping in the clouds! The mattress is fantastic, firm but with the ideal amount of give. The double connecting duvets are a brilliant idea - saves space of numerous bulky duvets. The icing on the cake

Comfortable, but not for me.

The mattress is comfortable enough, but doesn't give the luxury feel that I like. I have also found the off-gassing a problem - after a month it still hasn't dissipated. Customer service, however, has been excellent.

Best nights sleep in years!

After years of tossing and turning and waking up more tired than when we went to bed thanks to Eve we both now sleep like babies! Mr & Mrs P - Bristol

Excellent purchase

I bought the eve mattress on a recommendation. I am so pleased sleepting really well and the mattress is very supportive. You spend long time in bed so need to invest in an excellent mattress!


Excellent product good value for money

Fantastic service from Eve. I

Fantastic service from Eve. I am still in the 100 days trial but so far the hybrid mattress looks great. My husband would just like it a bit firmer

Eve premium mattress and eve pillows

The booking process and communication with customer support and the delivery companies was flawless. I tired the pillows but they were too thin for me, so had to send it back. The premium mattress feels premium and luxurious and i really want to like it, however i am still not 100% ... if it is good for my lower back. I am using this for a couple of weeks though, so hopefully by the end of a 100 nights trial i will have decided positively about this mattress.

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