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Excellent upgrade to an uncomfortable bed

With the addition of a new Eve topper to a uncomfortable mattress the bed was transformed, and I was able to get a good night's sleep without having to purchase an expensive mattress.

Eve Mattress.

Have used the mattress for about a month now and boy do I sleep better. Have back pains when I get up, I think maybe must get used to the mattress a bit more, or, as I have been told Lose Some Weight. Glad I purchased the mattress really impressed, no springs digging in, like last ... one. Thankyou.

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Mattress Topper

I had very bad neck soreness and trapped nerve pain everyday as my new mattress was too firm. I couldn't afford another new mattress so I tried the Eve mattress topper: all my pain has gone and I wake up very refreshed. Can't complain!

Comfiest bed I’ve slept on

I moved into my first flat last month and my mum said to me about this mattress. I was so hesitant as I loved my mattress at home but I wouldn’t look back now! Definitely makes it harder to get up in the mornings though !

Amazing transformation!

I’d always found our mattress firm but very comfortable with just a simple cushioning topper. My husband started complaining that his hips and back ached in the morning so we decided, after much research, to buy this topper. The change in our sleep, and aching bodies, was instant. ... I found I’ve slept without waking during the night more and more often, and my husbands’ hips are no longer bothering him. Very pleased indeed!

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Quality Products, Excellent Service

Very happy with my eve hybrid mattress and memory foam pillow. Both are very comfortable and supportive - helping to ease my lower back pain. Delivery was extremely prompt and phone advice prior to purchase was very good. All the eve mattresses are described as 'medium firm' ... but when I phoned I discovered that the hybrid is the softest - this is what I was looking for. It would be very useful to see the firmness rating of each mattress described on the website as this would allow customers to make a fully informed choice. In the meantime, I would advise anyone considering a mattress purchase to phone for advice - you speak to knowledgeable, helpful staff who aren't remotely pushy. Thank you eve - I've had a very positive experience. I'm now saving up for a lovely set of linen bedding...!

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Ahhhh, welcome back a sound nights sleep!!🙏🏻

Having done lots of research on various mattresses, new style versus conventional pocket sprung etc....... we finally opted for the Eve Premium Super King mattress. With it’s compact packaging it took only a few hours for the Eve mattress to literally double in size and be used ... it’s first night. The beauty of the Eve mattress that irrespective of what position you lay, face down (which I usually do), on your back or on your side, the mattress supports and moulds to the contours of your body. Since we’ve had the new mattress I’ve had no aching back the next morning and am truly having better nights sleep. With the added bonus of a 100 day trial to return the mattress I would encourage all those that are thinking about investing in an Eve mattress to give it a go. S Deal (Brentwood)

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Mattress & pillow

I’d suffered a a bad neck and back for months, disruptive sleep etc. The mattress has made a world of difference it has reduced my back ache by 100% the pillow is so comfy my wife nicks it when I get up for work so have ordered her one . Amazing products thank you eve 💙

very happy

We had a memory foam mattress previously so we already knew that we liked them. The Eve mattress seems very good, it is one of the firmer ones (which we like) but very comfy. No complaints.

Great sleep and great mattress

Great sleep and great mattress

Hybrid single matress

At first it took a couple of nights to adapt to a different mattress but it's absolutely superb and as comfortable as wearing a pair of slippers! Brilliant.


Pillow ok, but didn't get the cover for it which I ordered.

Hi Byron, Our apologies that the pillow protector that you ordered had sadly gone out of stock and that we weren't able to ship this with your pillow. We understand that our team has arranged a refund for the pillow protector for you and if you wish to order another when these are back in stock, please contact us first so that we can help you with this order. We are pleased to hear that you're enjoying your pillow and we hope that it's helping you to get a great night's sleep. Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team.

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Second Mattress even happier

This is the second Eve mattress we've bought, and the whole process of ordering, delivery, and then the brilliant nights sleep we get, has been excellent.

good solid sleep

the hybrid matress came rolled in a box rougly 2m x 1.5m. Once rolled out and puffed up, its super soft foam and spring support gives a nice firm feeling with cushy squishy top. very happy with it.


Excellent and making a massive difference to us both. Highly recommend


Very pleased with the service received. Staff Ispoke to we're very helpful and friendly.

Amazing mattress topper

We decided to try an eve mattress topper based on a recommendation from friends and have not been disappointed. It is soft and supportive making our bed feel luxurious and like getting into a 5 star hotel bed every night! Highly recommended and well worth the investment for a great ... nights sleep.

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Great baby mattress

Very compact and well proportioned eve baby mattress that our little one loves. He may not always sleep for long but he does sleep deeply and well.

Very happy customer!

Not only is the Eve mattress everything it promised to be, the customer service is excellent. Send an email one day and receive a reply, if not the same day, then the next.Can't ask for more.

Son is thrilled!

Since getting the mattress our son does not want to get out of bed. He absolutely loves the mattress and pillow! I would recommend to anyone.