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all eve sleep reviews

  • 4.7/5 (243 Reviews)

I love it

Almost a month in and I’m sleeping like a baby! Love my Eve mattress and pillows no more neck ache. Fabulous

Just perfect

Very easy to take out the box and never slept in such a comfortable bed. Highly recommend this mattress to anyone. Would suggest buying with the topper also otherwise it can be slightly hot with a winter quilt on top too.

Best mattress ever!

I have been using the Eve Hybrid Mattress for 30 days so far and I cannot recall a single night where I have had a bad nights sleep. Now I so toss and turn alot during the night so I wake up quite often. But when I do wake up from a dream, the unique comfort of the mattress meand ... that I can get comfortable in no time and that I can fall asleep quickly and dream once more, leaving refreshed and energised in the morning. Extremely happy with my decision and the price of my single mattress was very reasonable. Would definitely recommend Eve Mattress with a strong and satisfying conviction.

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New year new sleep

We purchased new eve mattress, pillows and duvet in January as a Christmas present to ourselves. It’s the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in bed! As someone who has had back problems for most of my adult life it’s been a revelation.

Best mattress I’ve slept on!

For months we had been struggling with restless nights and back ache in the morning. We made the decision to switch to an eve mattress and the resulting nights sleep is so so worth it! So much so we’ve purchased two mattresses so that our guests get a great night as well!

New Mattress

You delivered our new mattress about one month ago. We are very happy with it. It is wonderfully comfortable and we are sleeping much better. That is a big bonus as my wife, Natalia, was in a terrible car crash last July and we are very lucky she is still here. She was in intensive ... care for nearly 3 weeks and in a coma for 2 weeks. As you can imagine with such a trauma, we have both had regular insomnia since the accident. That is now a thing of the past! A minor quibble and, as I said on the day of the delivery, your couriers were not very communicative and, as a result, we had to arrange to stay in all day. They actually arrived mid-morning, but it would have been very helpful if they could give a time window. With modern tracking, that should not be too difficult, as you agreed at the time. The mattress did give off a lot of gas for the first couple of weeks but I guess there is not much you can do about that if it is part of health and safety treatments? The courier dampened things a little initially as it is part of the whole service package and my wife slept in the spare bedroom for a few days as she found the gas too strong. But, as I say, the mattress itself is wonderful. Thanks. Regards, Richard

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The best nights sleep ever!

I purchased an Eve original mattress in December and since receiving it I have been consistently having the best sleep I’ve ever had! The ordering experience was super easy and I opted for standard delivery - which was free and should take a few days - but to my surprise my mattress ... arrived at 9am the very next day - amazing! I would highly recommend this product both for quality and customer service - it’s brilliant!

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A sound nights sleep

In the past when we have purchased a new mattress out have those expected night of getting used to it, I have slept perfectly since the first night. Glad we purchased would recommend

Amazing Service and product

I cannot fault the service, price, speed of delivery, and the 100 days to try the mattress. Most importantly however is the confort....I cant remember when I have ever slept better than I have since getting my eve mattress... Brilliant.

Even better than expected

I bought a mattress topper after researching a wide range of alternatives and reviews. Despite the independent recommendations I wasn’t sure if it would make the difference I was hoping to an uncomfortable sofa bed. However, it has surpassed all expectations and has not only masked ... all the lumps and bumps but created a fabulous sleeping experience. It’s not the cheapest option on the market but is worth every penny.

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Our mattress

The eve is a god send , back ache practically eliminated, can sleep for longer. So comfortable. Delivery, payment etc all went smoothly.

Such a Great Nights Sleep!!

Thank you Eve for my gorgeous new mattress, its so comfortable and was delivered so quickly. I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time in bed, cozy and Warm :)

Eve light mattress

Since receiving my Eve light mattress I only now understand what good night feels like. Before I would always wake up at least once every night from a pain of getting bad dead arms , but since change of mattress I haven't had a single pain, discomfort or sleepy dead arms. Would ... absolutely recommend, it's a 5* from me and my fully awake arms :)

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So firm, so solid

From the minute you sit on it, you feel the quality. It is NOT hard, and it is very comfortable, but it is firm and it is solid. Reassuringly so. I love it and love sleeping on it.

I’m happy so far

Arrives very quickly. Feels good. Firmer than I expected. The pillows are a must buy.

Do it

Fantastically comfortable and worth every penny

Eve mattress topper

A superb product. Adds a layer of luxury and comfort. Highly recommend you consider this.

Even a better nights sleep.

We recommend the eve Mattress to anyone. From the very first night we had a good night's sleep. No more waking up with back pain. Wished I had this mattress years ago. Thanks eve.


Weve had memory foam mattresses before , but this one is very supportive and very soft especially with the matress cover

Fantastic service.

I would give Eve Sleep 5*. The service has been brilliant and nothing too much trouble.