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Excellent hybrid mattress

An impressive mattress, really pleased with the service and quality. Just wish there was a recycling option.


Most comfortable pillows I’ve had, do go a little flatter after use and don’t plump up as perfect as they were but no more waking up with neck pain or ear pain, good balance of support and softness. Good value for money!

Eve sleep mattress topper

Absolutely love this mattress topper ! I have never had one before , but always wanted to try one . I found it difficult to choose though as I do not like memory foam , I hate the way you sink right in but when you want to move around it becomes difficult, not to mention the heat ... ! I am a sweltering mess . I like feather and down for my duvets and pillows but I found the feather toppers would not be firm enough . I like a really firm bed as I have chronic pain , although it does get a bit too hard for comfort . That is where my Eve Mattress topper comes in .... AMAZING 😉 My bed is now the exact firmness to softness ratio . It doesn’t make me sink right it , it doesn’t feel slimy underneath whilst moving around it’s very comfy and most of all I don’t wake up shivering in the night because I’m soaked in sweat ! I cannot reccomend the Eve enough ! I can’t imagine sleeping without it now . Oh and the mattress protector that I bought for it fits perfectly, nothing gets through it , my puppy even had a wee accident on my sheet yet it never soaked through the protector , so a thumbs up for that as well !

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Much better sleeps!

Since taking the plunge on the original mattress my partner and I have been sleeping tonnes better, and are finally getting some much needed deep sleep! It's crazy how much difference this has made to sleeping each night, especially considering we were using a mattress provided ... by our landlord beforehand. Would definitely recommend this one :)

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High quality no nonsense comfortable mattress

Exactly as it says on the tin. Smooth delivery, of the highest quality and vey comfortable.

Wonderful mattress

Having read other people's reviews I was pretty sure that I would be satisfied with my purchase....and I am really happy. I love my Eve mattress! From the first night, I have slept really well. The mattress is so comfortable that I can lie in one position for long periods, ... I don't toss and turn and I wake feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep. I suffer with back, shoulder and neck pain, but so far I am completely free of pain in the mornings after sleeping on my Eve mattress. Amazing! As other reviews have mentioned, there is a 'chemical' smell from the mattress initially, but this completely disappeared after a week.

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The best company!

They have many great products, but what I'd like to say most about Eve concerns their exceptional attitude towards customer service and satisfaction. On this spectrum, they sit right at the very top...

A magic mattress

For years I've struggled with back pain. I've tried different stretches and exercises to alleviate the pain but to no avail. That was until Eve. After just a couple of weeks sleeping on the mattress the pain is all but gone, which has immeasurably improved my day-to-day ... and night-to-night life. Like I said; a magic mattress.

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Eve mattress and mattress cover

Great nights sleep I love the mattress. The cover although practical feels and sounds a little too plastic. It needs some thickness to prevent.


Just what we wanted

A dream sleep

Yes I was sceptical, a ‘foam’ mattress rolled in a box that claims to be comfortable , try it the ad said , so I did and wow! Amazing !! I lust after my bed during the day and look forward to an early night. My sore aching back is no longer , the different layers bound together ... make for an endless night sleep with a refreshing yoga stretch come morning. Let the money back guarantee be your safety net and give it a try, I doubt you will even think of returning.

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The best nights sleep I’ve ever had

Awesome service

Not had a chance to sleep on our mattress yet, but the delivery was on time and the delivery driver helped me carry it upstairs. As I read on other reviews there is a slight chemical smell to it when unpacked but it fades quickly. Have tried the pillows which are nice and supportive ... - takes a minute to get used to as they feel quite firm, but once you settle in it is very comfy. Can't wait to try out the mattress.

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Great night sleep! So pleased with my mattress! It is better than the website describes!

Quick delivery and comfortable mattress topper

The mattress topper made my very mediocre mattress much more comfortable. Delivery was fast. The only thing that bothered me was that the topper had a very strong smell of materials for the first week but that has disappeared.

Cot mattress

Lovely product. My little one loves sleeping on it.

Eve mattress

Having always had sprung mattresses we were a little worried at the move to foam but our concerns of it being hotter and sinking in to the mattress soon disappeared and we will never look back. Really comfortable, good nights sleep equals really happy.


Exceptionally comfortable, delivered quickly and the packaging was a delight.

Treat to sleep on our eve mattress

Super comfy and so convenient that it arrives in a managebly sized box!


The topper is firm and really comfy.We love it and highly recommend.