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Sleep like a baby

We bought the cot mattress for our baby and she sleeps well on it. It's supportive, soft and is good quality. Would recommend

The original mattress

Fantastic, so comfortable. I highly recommend it.

Overall Great Experience

I absolutely love my Eve mattress and I would probably say it’s one of the best purchases in my life. The complete convenience of having the mattress delivered in a reasonably sized box. I had great customer service when my delivery was pushed back a day, and had the cost of express ... delivery refunded. The only reason that I would not give my experience with Eve 5 stars is because I thought that the amount of plastic packaging with the mattress was excessive, and in an age of environmentally friendly products, the less plastic we use as consumers and businesses the better.

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Comfy Pillow

I purchased this pillow a couple of months ago and have been using it continuously. It is very comfortable and provides lots of support. Would recommend to anyone!

Incredible Matress (and the sheets are amazing too!)

Having had various other sprung and half sprung mattresses and finding that they just don't support me and my wife properly, I thought I'd try Eve, this wasn't done on a whim either, I carefully did my research and had a look at what was available on the market, in ... the end I decided Eve was the right one and wow, I do not regret it for one second! I also purchased the pillows and the sheets at the same time and they are honestly fantastic. The sheets are soft and cozy, the pillows are super supportive and the Matress is superb. I'm a naturally fidgety sleeper and this was the first time I've not woken up my wife with any tossing and turning (which has also saved me getting punched!) thanks Eve! Stellar job!

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new life to an old mattress

We purchased the eve mattress topper and couldn't be happier. We have a super king mattress that consists of 2 zip-together twin mattresses, which results in a dip at the seam in the middle of the bed. We had tried everything to bridge this gap, but with our new mattress topper ... you wouldn't even know it was there. Our mattress is also a bit tired but not so much so that we could justify buying an entire new mattress. The topper makes the bed feel like new!

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Eve hybrid mattress

We are delighted with the purchase of our Eve hybrid mattress. Having had it drummed in to me from an early age that pocket springs were best, I was really reluctant to risk a foam mattress. The Eve hybrid mattress made the leap easy - with both springs and foam. The ordering was ... straightforward, and the mattress arrived the same week. All the family insisted on being there for the opening of the box and the unfurling of the mattress! We could wait to get it on the bed and, 24 hours later, we were delighted with the results. The mattress gently gives underneath you, as you lay down, but then supports you fully. I couldn't believe the lack of movement I now feel when my husband (repeatedly!) gets in and out of bed. I have been sleeping so comfortably on this mattress and I just wish we had bought it sooner.

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Great delivery and firm, sturdy mattress

Service was easy and convenient. The mattress is medium/firm and I don’t feel my husband turning or moving in the night. Wouldn’t say the cover is worth the extra money though.

Sleep Rediscovered

Never in my wildest dreams have I slept as well as I do now. I wake up refreshed, and all my aches and pains of the previous day are no more.

If you want a good nights sleep, get eve

I have the mattress topper and it really does make a difference.

Slumber luscious

Best nights sleep in a very very long time

Dreadful customer service

I cancelled my order with Eve due to a distinct lack of customer service - very late replies to emails/FB posts etc after the non-appearance of my order on the due date. Even worse, was the fact Eve could not give me a revised delivery date !

Hi Georgina, We'd like to offer our apologies that your eve experience was far less than perfect and that you decided to cancel your order. Unfortunately, a technical error with our courier caused delays to some deliveries. We understand that this is very frustrating for our customers and we're sorry that our team wasn't able to respond to you more quickly. Your feedback has been taken on board and we'll work with our couriers and team to avoid issues like these in the future. Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team.

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The pillow is so comfortable,and supports my neck brilliantl


Bought the eve mattress now all I want to do is stay in bed loving it 😍😍. Thanks also for being very helpful.

A great night's sleep

I first purchased an Eve mattress in late 2017, and have just purchased another after finding the original damaged after renting out my apartment for a short time. It took a couple of days to get used to, but I find I have really lovely, undisturbed sleep now. If you purchase whilst ... there's a money off code available, it's great value.

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Superb service, but the topper didn’t work for us

We trialled a topper for a few weeks, and whilst it was of good quality and under different circumstances would have done the job well. However, it didn’t work for us - we have bought a new mattress which is much too hard and causing aches and pains. We were hoping the topper would ... have softened it enough without the need to change the mattress. Unfortunately it didn’t have enough of an effect. I have to say though, the service of the customer care team at Eve was faultless, they couldn’t do enough for us despite us returning the topper to them. Almost made me feel guilty about having to return it.

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Eve original pillow

am so pleased with this product, I definitely sleep better and the problems i’ve been having with my neck have now resolved, Thankyou Eve

Best pillows I have ever had!

I bought the original pillow as well as the microfibre pillow. Both are excellent quality and they are so comfy! Both pillows provide great head and neck support and as a result my neck problems I have had for years have significanly got better. Highly recommended!

Second one we've bought

This is the second eve mattress we've bought. As the first one was so good.

Thoroughly recommended

I’d heard the hype and finally gave in.....I waited too soon. Don’t be deceived or disappointed when you get it, give it a couple of nights. Worth every penny!!!!!!!