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all eve sleep reviews

  • 4.7/5 (242 Reviews)

Very helpful

Even though my Eve Premium mattress was delayed due to a shortage, I was given a £20 refund for the inconvenience, staff were helpful and responded to my email next working day!

Eve king size hybrid

The service and delivery was all good. The mattress takes a while as described to assume it’s correct size prior to sleeping. It is not a thick mattress and therefore makes your bed lower which can take some getting used to. The verdict is still out for us we have had the bed for ... a month now it is definitely not what I would describe as medium more like medium soft. We do seem to be getting some pain at the bottoms of our backs but are not sure if we are still adjusting to a new bed, we will give it another month before making our minds up.

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surprising good

... Having never had a memory foam bed this was a real treat as I have found it supportive, soft, and very comfortable. Also the ease of buying was excellent as it came in a box, no stress about lugging it all over the place. Will definitely go down this route again. highly recommended.

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Thoroughly Recommend

We had both the mattress and pillows and we have both found them amazing! I now have no neck pain when I wake up which I have been struggling with for years. My husband has always struggled with heat and he does not over heat on these mattresses. Really great value for money!

Mattress wasn’t for us but customer service excellent

Mattress arrived promptly and in excellent condition despite it being the busy sale period. Positives: Very comfortable with no transfer of movement between myself and my husband. Negatives: Off-gassing was significant and the mattress was hot to sleep on. Persevered for about ... three weeks but decided that the mattress wasn’t for us. Phoned Customer Services who dealt with the return faultlessly; they arranged a two man collection from the bedroom on a Wednesday and we had a PayPal refund the following Monday.

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eve single hybrid

comfortable matress delivered on time

Relaxing Night times

The mattress arrived quickly and mattress lived up to there hype. Good nights sleep had ever since.

Best mattress I've ever had

Love this mattress! Perfect balance between soft and comfortable but firm enough to feel fully supported whilst sleeping. Have slept like a dream ever since I got it!

My sleep is so much better now

I had a very basic spring mattress prior to my eve mattress and the difference is just incredible. I sleep like a baby now and look forward to getting into bed in the evening!

If Only All Things Were Like Eve...

Our new mattress arrived on time and in good condition on the 4th January. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the bed frame - ordered elsewhere - that was to support it. It took until the second replacement on the 14th January before we were able to unfurl our mattress and begin the ... Eve experience. For the last 20 years we have been committed users of pocket sprung models, so a memory foam hybrid is a new departure. But we are adjusting to the different feel, and have been pleasantly surprised by the even better levels of support and movement damping. Being warm-blooded, I was concerned by reports of possible overheating with foam mattresses but, even with a winter duvet, I've had no such problems thus far with the Eve hybrid. So I'm greatly pleased, and looking forward to years of good nights.

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Love my eve mattress!

Bought the Eve mattress after sleeping on my partners so a real chance to road test it over several overnight stays. They eve mattress is supportive without being ridgid or hard and as a warm sleep it keeps me cool yet cosy at the same time. Here’s to wonderful sleeps! Love it!

Just awesome.

It changed my nights, and consequently my days as I’m feeling way better now.

Best night's sleep I've ever had!

Although we experienced some issues with the delivery company - it was worth the wait! The Eve mattress is the best I've ever owned, the firmness has cured me of my neck pain and it keeps me cool at night.


Love it

A new sleep experience

Having got hooked on this type of mattress 10 years ago and having invested we were holding our breath to see what the Eve mattress was going to be like as a replacement. The reviews were good and the cost looked affordable given that a good nights sleep is worth its weight in gold. We ... watched the mattress comevto life as it came out of its packaging and marvelled at how a super king size could fit in such a small box. After two weeks we can say it’s brilliant, even better that anticipated and now are sleeping like babies! Well done Eve !

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Great mattress. Would have liked

Great mattress. Would have liked the foam to be a bit thicker. Also it is medium hard but I would class it as medium. Overall I am happy with it

I think its good

We've had the mattress a month or so now I would guess and I think its good, but am not yet 100% sure. Its definitely supportive and I like the fact that my wife and I can move about independently without the other one being bounced around. I'm just not sure I'd call ... it comfortable at present and I'm not convinced my sleep has improved as a result; my wife's definitely hasn't, which is a real shame as that's why we bought it. I have no specific complaints about it, I'm just not sure its right for us? Time will tell I hope.

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I tried the topper for a month, hoping that it would create a more comfortable surface for my hips, but unfortunately it has not worked, so I am returning it. I'm now looking for a new mattress, preferably with springs. Would possibly go for a Herdysleep mattress, looks quite ... good. Male, 44, 5'9, 66kg, bmi 21.4

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Eve Mattress

Fantasticly comfortable mattress, it's great to really enjoy a wonderful nights sleep again and to waken feeling refreshed.

Good cot bed mattress

The mattress appears to be well made and is higher tech than the average one on the market. However, for us, our daughter doesn't sleep any better on it than on harder 'next to me' mattress so the extra cost may not have been worth it. We're only a couple of months ... in, so time will tell.

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