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all eve sleep reviews

  • 4.7/5 (239 Reviews)

Fantastic service from Eve. I

Fantastic service from Eve. I am still in the 100 days trial but so far the hybrid mattress looks great. My husband would just like it a bit firmer

Best nights sleep in years!

After years of tossing and turning and waking up more tired than when we went to bed thanks to Eve we both now sleep like babies! Mr & Mrs P - Bristol

Excellent purchase

I bought the eve mattress on a recommendation. I am so pleased sleepting really well and the mattress is very supportive. You spend long time in bed so need to invest in an excellent mattress!

Eve premium mattress and eve pillows

The booking process and communication with customer support and the delivery companies was flawless. I tired the pillows but they were too thin for me, so had to send it back. The premium mattress feels premium and luxurious and i really want to like it, however i am still not 100% ... if it is good for my lower back. I am using this for a couple of weeks though, so hopefully by the end of a 100 nights trial i will have decided positively about this mattress.

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Comfy AF

Firm and comfy.

Excellent Value

Bought this in the sales in January and was very surprised at how quickly the item arrived. Was easy to lay out and leave to expand. Once the mattress was covered with bedding, I looked forward to my first nights sleep. Took a night to get used too though. Maybe I was expecting too ... much. too soon. I've had my mattress for over a month now and my sleeping has improved. Even my bad back isn't as bad as it was with the old mattress.

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I love sleep!

I have been sleeping on the eve mattress for nearly 4 weeks now. I love it! It’s not too soft, but not too firm either - it’s just right. So comfortable.

Sleeping like a baby

Since receiving my eve mattress and bed frame, i’ve slept well, so well I look forward to bedtime. The bed is soo soft and comfy it’s hard to leave it in the morningp. I can’t believe I put up with the old mattress for so long. Thanks eve :)

Settling in nicely

Was sceptical at first (replacing a v expensive pocket sprung mattress) but, after initially thinking it was a little firmer than I expected or wanted, I’m now “acclimatised” and very happy

Mattress tipper & pillows

Very comfortable what a difference compared to sleeping on just my old mattress. Sleep all night now with no aches and pains in my back when I wake up. 100% worth the money. Thanks

Great mattress, once it arrived

The mattress is amazing, can't say otherwise. But didn't arrive on the day for which it was scheduled, then Eve had to twist the carrier's arm to get it to me. But now in use with an Eve pillow, it's helping with dodgy hip and it's keeping everything else ... more comfortable too. Very pleased I took the plunge with Eve!

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Great night's sleep

This is the second Eve mattress we have bought - highly recommended

Wonderful mattress, bed frame and bed linen

Buying a new bed can be a confusing process. However, Eve makes things easy. I bought the hybrid mattress, the modular bed frame and a bed linen set. It all arrived quickly and without any problems. The bed frame was easy to assemble, the mattress easy to unpack, plus it all looks ... great and is very comfortable. I'd certainly buy from Eve again - all in all, they are reliable, well priced and make things easy for the person buying. Michael, Liverpool

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Good sleeping nights so far

After many years of great sleep on our old foam based mattress we took the plunge with a new Eve hybrid. Any fears of restless nights evaporated after the first few nights as we settled onto this very comfortable hybrid.Thanks eve !!

H’aa at least!

A wonderfully comfortable nights sleep not too soft not too hard just perfect, so good, you never want to get up, just relax and enjoy 💤

Sleeping on a cloud

I have recently bought the eve mattress and pillows. Best purchase I have ever made. I didn't realise how much my previous mattress was contributing to my back pain. With the eve mattress my back no longer feels sore and I sleep so much better. The pillows are like small clouds ... that support by head and neck perfectly. Highly recommend to everyone. Best night's sleep I have had in years.

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Just a dream

After four weeks sleeping on our Eve Hybrid mattress we have largely forgotten we have a new mattress. Sleep quality is good now that we have replaced our old saggy pocket sprung mattress. Some points: I was unsure about delivery from comments made in the reviews I had read but our ... delivery was exactly when I had asked for it to be delivered. This was different from the date initially given. However I was a bit unsure that our delivery would be made on the date requested so I did chase it up and the company responded to reassure me. That said, I think some more communication confirming delivery date and time would help. Secondly I had read in Which mattress review that the mattress did not have handles so could be difficult to turn. In fact we found that the mattress does have handles, albeit on the underside of the mattress, but given that the mattress is not that heavy, getting at these handles and using them is quite straight forward. Pointing this out may be useful. Finally we felt that the mattress was very good value compared with a full pocket sprung mattress we purchased many years ago.

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Very helpful

Even though my Eve Premium mattress was delayed due to a shortage, I was given a £20 refund for the inconvenience, staff were helpful and responded to my email next working day!

Eve king size hybrid

The service and delivery was all good. The mattress takes a while as described to assume it’s correct size prior to sleeping. It is not a thick mattress and therefore makes your bed lower which can take some getting used to. The verdict is still out for us we have had the bed for ... a month now it is definitely not what I would describe as medium more like medium soft. We do seem to be getting some pain at the bottoms of our backs but are not sure if we are still adjusting to a new bed, we will give it another month before making our minds up.

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surprising good

... Having never had a memory foam bed this was a real treat as I have found it supportive, soft, and very comfortable. Also the ease of buying was excellent as it came in a box, no stress about lugging it all over the place. Will definitely go down this route again. highly recommended.

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