our mattresses

our mattresses

We know the way you sleep isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s why we’ve got four gorgeously comfortable mattresses to choose from.

how to find a mattress that’s right for you

We spend a third of our lives in the land of nod, so finding the best mattress that is right for you is essential.

Follow our mattress guide to discover your perfect match.

mattress types

mattress types

Mattresses have come a long way in recent years. Once upon a time, you could only buy ones with spring coils. But now, mattresses can be made from a whole host of materials - from memory foam to latex. At eve, we have two foam mattresses and one hybrid (a combination of next generation foam and pocket springs).

no motion transfer

Sleep next to a fidgeter? If you’ve got the wrong type of mattress, you’ll feel every toss and turn - making it feel like you’re sleeping on the high seas. This wobbly feeling is called motion transfer, and it can be the difference between a great night and sleepless one. You tend to feel more wobbles on a traditional spring mattress than a memory foam one. We’re proud to say that every eve mattress has no motion transfer, so you won’t be disturbed by a fidgeting partner. Okay, we’ll stop showing off now.

mattress firmness and your comfort

All of our mattresses give you a Goldilocks, just-right medium-firm support. We’ve found this sweet spot suits all types of sleeping positions. It helps back and front sleepers get the support they need for their lower back - while people who sleep on their side get pressure relief for their shoulders or hips.

But, we know that comfort is about more than just support. So, each of our mattresses will also give you a unique feeling when you lie on them. It’s all thanks to the top layers. Some, like our premium mattress, give you a deeper, marshmallowy cushioning. Others, like our original and hybrid mattresses, have lighter cushioning on top.

Don’t forget, you can always try us instore if you’re unsure.

get too hot when you sleep?

Older types of memory foam had the tendency to make things too warm in bed. We only use a new kind that makes things more breathable and cool. It’s all down to bubble-like cells in the foam that let air flow through your mattress. But, we also know some of you feel slightly warmer than others at night. So, in our premium mattress, you’ll find tiny graphite particles infused into the foam, which pull heat away from your body. If you regularly feel too toasty to sleep, this mattress could be the one for you.

Pocket springs (like the ones in our hybrid mattress) are also naturally very airy - and another sensible mattress choice for you hot sleepers out there.

how often should I replace my mattress?

Do you wake with an ache? Or struggle to fall asleep in the first place? Your mattress could have a lot to answer for. Keep your eyes peeled for sagging, any unevenness or lumpiness from displaced springs. It’s time to start mattress shopping if your current one is uncomfortable and not giving your body the support it needs.

If you invest in a high-quality, well-designed foam or pocket-spring mattress, it has the potential to keep its shape and support for a whopping 10-15 years. But, because of the build-up of dust, oils, moisture and dead skin, we think it’s best to change your mattress every 8-10.

what's the best mattress size?

When deciding on the best mattress size for you, ask yourselves some questions: where will it sit? Who will use it? How will it look in your bedroom? How does your bed frame measure up?

You might want a smaller mattress for a guest room or an indulgent super king size in the master bedroom for you to sprawl across. If you’re buying a mattress with a partner, consider whether a double will be enough - or do you need the space for long limbs that a king size bed will give you?